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Edi Frommenwiler
Owner and Macro-Videographer
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Edi Frommenwiler, is recognized as one of today's best underwater videographers. He's not always onboard and the cruise director takes care of the guests. But if he is on board guests are invited to follow and observe Edi during his video dives and can ask Edi to share footage, stories and his vast knowledge of creating underwater video in Indonesia. If you prefer to be guided during your dive, then please select a group lead by one of the Pindito dive guides.

The Pindito was built according to Edi's specifications in 1991-92 and upgraded based on his ideas and plans in 2006. Edi speaks English, German, and Bahasa Indonesian.

Ronan Debelius
Cruise Director / Dive Instructor / Guide

Born and raised in Germany, diving has been part of Ronan’s life from early childhood into his teens. After a hiatus during which he studied abroad in the United States, he decided to move to Indonesia and learn more about his heritage and begin a career in the dive and tourism industry.

Being the latest addition to the team it is with utmost joy that he is able to learn through hands on experience. Thanks to the support of his family and friends he has been able to thrive in his new environment and is looking forward to what the future has in hold for him.

Ronan is fluent in English and German, and is on his best way to master the Indonesian language(s) as well. He enjoys the fact that on Pindito everything is “same, same, but different”. That being the locations we voyage to and the variety of people we meet during our journeys.
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Arif Munandar
Dive Instructor / Guide

Born on the 17th of June, 1976 on Pulau Weh in the region of Aceh, he has been diving since 1998. Arif became a certified Dive Master under PADI and an Instructor at SSI during the month of June in 2013.

His diving experience reaches from his home in Aceh to Bali, Lombok, North Sulawesi, Halmahera, and Raja Ampat. He is eager to explore more sights aboard the Pindito. He has been in the industry for over 15 years and is extatic to be able to make a living from something he truly enjoys.

Arif has keen eyes when it comes to macro dives, but also enjoys the wonders of wide angle diving. He speaks english, bahasa indonesia, and bahasa aceh. The joy he gets from meeting new people and seeing new places are second to none and he is looking forward to thrive further in our beautiful sport of scuba diving.
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Crew onboard
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The Pindito's Indonesian crew of 17 is at work to ensure you a secure and comfortable voyage through Indonesia's tropical island paradise.

The crew includes two chefs and two stewards who will constantly attend to your dining and cabin needs.

Team im Pindito Office Switzerland

Robert Frommenwiler
Directing Manger
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Directing Manger of Pindito - WeDive Travel Ltd., has been travelling around and is a passionate diver himself. Throughout more than 25 years of experience in the Tourism Business he will provide you with professional knowledge about your diving holidays. His travelling allowed him to set foot in Asia, Australia, the Caribean, the Seychelles, the South Pacific and are the basics for the competent organisation of your Pindito cruise.

Sales Team
The Pindito Sales Team is happy to deliver all their knowledge to the clients!
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Sonja Herter - Sales
Doris Boccali - Sales
Nina Wyss - Sales

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Alessa Staufer - Sales & Group Travel
Rebecca Said - Sales
Phillip Zettel - Sales
Tiziano Leggio - Apprentice

Tour-Operating Team
The Tour-Operating Team is taking care of the Marketing and the Administration.
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Claudia Maurer - Product Manager & Marketing
David Gerber - Flight Services
Anika Amweg - Apprentice
Kirstin Junker - Tour Operating

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