Pindito is more than just the expert in Scuba Diving! She and her crew are also the aspiring expert in leading snorkel tours. Being the unrivaled diving pioneer in Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park has provided Pindito and her crew with an intimate knowledge of healthy shallow reef areas that are perfect sites for snorkelers! Now you can join Pindito as she brings dedicated snorkelers to experience the very best shallow reefs of Raja Ampat and Komodo.


We have a variety of trips for the avid snorkeler. You can join any of our scheduled trips and we will ensure we cater to your unique desires as a snorkeler. Pindito also has trips organized and chartered by snorkel leaders, with only snorkelers onboard. Whatever kind of adventure you choose, Pindito can make it happen.

What’s a Snorkel Tour Like?

Traveling on a live-aboard dedicated to snorkeling is a dream-come-true. It is a remarkable way to get to remote and pristine reefs that would be impossible to reach otherwise. Most live-aboards are for divers only and focus largely on deeper reefs. The Pindito crew has a designed a special trip for us that will feature shallow reef systems that highlight the marine diversity of this astonishingly beautiful area. It’s so special to be on a live-aboard because the underwater scenery and marine life is ever changing! You unpack once. Then you live in your bathing suit and shorts for 10 days in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There is wonderful camaraderie on board as everyone is sharing the same passion.
The rhythm of the days on a live-aboard snorkel trip is fun, easy and flexible. During the long lovely sunny days we are in protected anchorages. After our first breakfast we’ll have our first snorkel session followed by our next breakfast. Soon after, it will be time to jump back in the water for our second snorkel of the day. Next, its time for lunch and some rest before we jump back in the water for another session. On some days we’ll have a zodiac or land tour as well. In the evening there may be a dusk or night snorkel and then we’ll spend time hanging out under the bright stars as we travel quietly to our next amazing snorkel site.

What Will We See Snorkeling and Such?

The astonishing variety of marine life is staggering. The diversity of marine habitats translates to wildly different snorkeling experiences. We can experience snorkeling with large groups of mantas as they feed and barrel role with ease through the blue. We may swim through large schools of fish Fusiliers, surgeons, bannerfish, triggerfish and squadrons of jacks and barracuda. Area highlights include pygmy seahorses, mandarin fish, wobbegongs, turtles, majestic mantas and even dolphins! We will be delighted by huge seafans, sponges, and beautiful coral gardens. Our day-to-day itinerary will be dependent on wind and sea conditions to ensure we are in the best place at the best time. Our 11 days will be full of fantastic snorkeling, village visits and relaxing time on board with other like-minded adventurers.

Prices & Dates

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