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Travel back in time to the Forgotten Islands, Pindito’s newest and most remote diving destination. Anthropologists have long referred to the islands extending east from Alor and arcing up to Ceram and Ambon as “forgotten” because traditionally they have had little contact with the rest of Indonesia.
Only 1% of Indonesians live on the 1000 sparsely populated islands, which make up this area of the Moluccas. First explored by the Portuguese who were followed by several European nations, including Holland, the islands of the Moluccas supplied spices to the west during the 17th and 18th centuries. Today these islands supply thrills for traveling divers. Blue seas, endless reefs, and undiscovered seamounts fill most of the Forgotten Islands 850,000 square kilometers, which means abundant marine life and the possibility of first time encounters with masses of schooling fish or perhaps even a reclusive saltwater crocodile. On these cruises, Pindito will move slowly among tall volcanic islands and low lying coral atolls as we explore the last remaining undersea wilderness within the Indonesian archipelago.


Pindito puts great importance to plan the best possible tour for their guest. When planning the route, many factors play an important role. The most important factor is the weather. Since there can be storms in the tropics at any time, Pindito might change routes and itineraries at short notice.
There are basically two ways to navigate this cruise. One leads from Ambon, the capital of the Moluccas to Saumlaki on the island Tanimbar. The cruise starts from Ambon in direction to Nusa Laut, Koon and Manuk. From Manuk to Saumlaki most of the islands and dive sports are unknown and awakes discovery feelings.

The second tour starts in Saumlaki and ends in Maumere on the island Flores. The first part of this cruise is mostly unexplored. Pindito will pass the islands Babar, Leti, Wetar und Pantar before the cruise ends in Maumere.

Dive spots

Pure discovery feeling!!! Many of the dive sites are completely new and untouched, as Pindito is the first liveaboard operating turns from/to Saumlaki. In April and May 2014 we are going to run these turns for the very first time together with our guests. Additionally to the below listed and well-known dive sites you will be able to discover new sites too.
Nusa Laut
Right in front of village Ahmed, a varied reefscape with beautiful coral gardens, and no shortage of fish waits for the divers. Schools of surgeon fish, big eye jacks, and a variety of reef fish including barracudas sweeten the dive. With some luck you can even see hammerhead sharks. Another highlight is the night dive under the pier, where we "hunt" critters. Angler fish, scorpion fish, pipe fish and many other creatures are on display.
A famous dive site which the Pindito lovingly calls "Sh.. place". Everything a diver could wish for can be seen in this canal, which flows towards the Banda Sea. It guarantees a unique school of fish spectacle; Giant groupers, large Schools Barracudas, snapper, surgeon fish, sweet lips in the midst of beautiful coral. Many a photographer despaired at this place, because you often do not know where to look first and. The sometimes violent currents cannot guarantee the best visibility, but it is a big chance to see large fish such as manta rays, sharks and even mobulas.
Manuk, another volcano rising from the Banda Sea is situated far into open sea. Darwin might have run its research on evolution here as well. Despite lower biodiversity on land, the walls below the see are amazing. The night dive surprises many with shrimp and crabs. Especially the shy Saron shrimp can be observed frequently. Sharks, sea snakes, mackerels, tunas and barracudas are seen in the blue.
Pantar is the second largest island in the Alor archipelago. Here we can visit some village where both Christians and Muslims live together. The Christian villages lie mainly in the interior of the island, the Muslim villages are along the coast. A highlight is the local market. From fruit to meat, fish and clothes this market has it all. The inhabitants of the island are very nice and happy to have visitors who are called affectionately "long noses".
Undescribed octopus and rare scorpionfish as the gurnard lionfish awaits you southeast of Pantar by the black sand beach. Clear water, fish-filled walls and diving beneath Komba’s active volcano round out this great dive spots.
Babar, Leti & Wetar
In this region most of the dive spots are unknown. Some explored dive spots are "Sizzler" and "Lembata’s Rhinopias heaven", where the Pindito has found 6 different rhinopias during one dive. A highlight is also "Abeanabang" where the critter possibilities are endless.

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Forgotten Islands
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